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Mount Prospect Chiropractic Care for back pain and neck pain

In the state of Illinois, Chiropractors are designated as “Chiropractic Physicians ” because we fall under the “Medical Practice Act “. That means that we are able to perform any services a medical doctor can with the exception of writing prescriptions or performing surgery. It also allows us to naturally treat a broad spectrum of complaints instead of just back pain. This is why so many people are now considering alternative care rather than the traditional medical model of treating symptoms primarily with a drug or surgery. We also enjoy the lowest malpractice rate of all professions. That fact alone demonstrates how safe chiropractic care is.

Chiropractic care or treatment can mean many things in the chiropractic profession. There is a wide diversity of methods utilized in the care and treatment of neck and low back pain. As alternative care providers, we rely upon utilizing and restoring your body’s natural healing powers rather than subject you to the side effects of medication. Drugs may be convenient but you may have to pay a price for that relief. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) came out this year (March 2012) and stated that “40 patients die each day from the side effects of pain medications in the United States” so think twice before you take a drug for your pain. In addition, you could take your complaint to ten different chiropractors and each may do something totally different from the last. I can’t speak for them but I can speak for what you can expect when you come to my office. I am a Palmer College graduate and that is the world’s first chiropractic college located in Davenport, Iowa. I utilize the Gonstead and Diversified Methods to treat back pain.

A New Patient First Visit at our office would look like this:

1. A complete history of your complaint is taken. We encourage you to bring along any additional information such as past Examination Reports, lab reports, MRI Reports, X-Ray Reports as well as the x-ray themselves. The names and addresses of any other providers that treated you also helps us help you. We can have your records faxed to us if needed.

2. Predicated on the information revealed by your patient history, a complete physical examination will be performed depending upon the severity and complexity of your complaint. Findings are discussed with the patient in an effort to educate them at the same time.

3. Predicated on your examination findings, x-rays will likely be taken unless you are pregnant or have a special circumstance. As a chiropractor who performs “spinal manipulation ” or the “spinal adjustment ” on my patients, I want to make sure before I begin treatment to your spine, that I am totally aware to the best of my abilities to discover any disease process that would prevent me from treating you. If needed, I would also order any appropriate diagnostic or lab tests to help diagnose the cause of your complaint.

4. BEFORE you we begin treatment and adjust your spine, your x-rays are put up and reviewed with (you) the patient. Patients are often amazed what is discovered on an x-ray that they never knew about and they appreciate that I explain what I have found and what it means for them. Many have suffered for years and simply took medication as the accepted form of treatment thinking this was the best choice. Unfortunately this usually serves to prolong your problem as well as never getting to the cause. A treatment plan is then created and ONLY with the patient’s permission is treatment started.

5. Before the patient is adjusted, you may receive a number of adjunctive therapies to facilitate the healing process as well as the spinal adjustment. I should mention that we commonly treat shoulder complaints, elbow, knee sprains, ankle injuries and plantar fasciitis in addition to complaints and injuries of the spine. We routinely utilize ultrasound and electrical stimulation therapy to facilitate the healing process.

6. It is standard procedure in our office for most patients to be treated multiple times per week for several weeks in the pain phase. We make every effort to eliminate the pain as soon as possible in addition to restoring them back to the best they can be. Then again there are patients that get immediate relief from just one adjustment and that’s all they need for the time being. Each patient is unique.

7. We appreciate that people are busy these days and time is precious. Therefore we understand those patients that prefer to just walk in when they can or call at the spur of the moment when the want a quick adjustment.

8. We encourage anyone with questions to call. More patients than ever want information to make an informed decision and we are here to help do just that. There is no charge to call and discuss your complaint with Dr. Collins. That way you at least get some idea how our office would treat your condition and what it would cost. The rest is up to you.

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