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The Health Makeover in Mount Prospect

After 33 years in practice, I have come to one realization. The average American has no clue what Health really means or even feels like. In their defense, why would they? Health education taught in schools is minimal at best so we look to other sources like Oprah, Dr. Oz, the internet and magazines for tips to help us better understand the disease process. Or should this be the responsibility of your healthcare provider? Is it reasonable to ask your doctor for more information and guidance in an age where the average medical office visit is 7 minutes? This system is quickly becoming obsolete and we all need to look more to prevent disease than just keep treating it. That responsibility falls directly on you and it is our mission to teach you how to “earn your health”.

If you have ever watched one of those Home Makeover shows they all seem to start the same way. Gut everything in the house and then rebuild it. That same approach works well in restoring great health. Unfortunately you really can’t expect to feel great by only taking a multivitamin or eating a few organic foods once in a while. We live in a toxic environment and again, the public either does not care or know what to do about it. The damage has been going on for years (even with young children) so before we begin, we need to find out what your current health status is.

The Health Makeover Protocol:

• Patients first complete a Metabolic Questionnaire that helps us identify your symptoms and where the trouble might exist. These areas include: GI Tract, pancreas, gall bladder, blood sugar levels, thyroid, adrenal, ovaries, etc. As most disease stems from these areas it’s important to know if they are working correctly. We are aware most patients don’t even know what questions they should ask about their health or disease so we do it for you in the consultation after a review of your answers.

• Predicated on your responses, tests are ordered. Why guess when you can utilize the science? We generally begin with a comprehensive blood panel looking not just for disease but nutritional deficiencies like Vitamin D, B12 and Iron. As most disease comes from food, food allergy testing is the cornerstone of disease prevention. Salivary testing of the steroid hormones, stress hormones and stool analysis again are very revealing when it comes to disease discovery.

• Treatment will first focus on your food allergies and intolerances tests results so you can start eating what foods suit you best. Something as simple as eliminating offending foods can provide tremendous health benefits for just about everyone. Secondly your hormone tests will reveal imbalances like too much estrogen and not enough progesterone as we commonly see where women struggle to ever feel as good as they once did. Men have lower levels of testosterone like never before in history and now resort to medications to treat their erectile dysfunction when it’s commonly an imbalance. Collecting four tubes of saliva will likely demonstrate why you can’t seem to get up in the morning, fall apart at 3 PM and can’t fall asleep anymore. Finally the stool analysis will reveal things like parasites (yes we have them in Illinois), Candida, bacterial overgrowth, infections, bleeding, lack of digestive enzymes, etc.

So many people these days suffer from insomnia, chronic fatigue, depression, obesity, pain syndromes and generally just plain don’t ever feel good. This is the very genesis of our growing dysfunctional American culture. We eat more processed foods than ever, rarely if ever exercise, can’t sleep enough to wake up rested, can’t start a day without coffee and take more antidepressants than ever in history. The evidence is clear that the present healthcare system in this country is becoming obsolete. President Obama stated we are rated # 37 on a world scale and yet by far the most expensive so what are we getting for our healthcare dollars?

The only one that will really make a difference with your health is you. Knowledge is power so please take an interest in yourself and get motivated before it’s too late. By being proactive and “earning your health” you will be far less dependent on the present heath care system and reduce your dependence on medications and eventual surgery. Unfortunately most don’t know where to begin and that is why we designed the “Heath Makeover” for anyone that would like to participate in their own wellness. I apologize in advance because this will require effort. There will be a cost for testing, you will have to get off the couch and exercise, eat less junk and more fresh foods and start getting the restorative sleep your were meant to. It’s just that simple.

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